Kochi Marriott Hotel

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Cassava subtly tells you the story of a gentleman whose passion met his profession. The culinary sojourn crafted at this restaurant is a careful discovery of true delicacies by Master Chef Saji Alex. A collection of authentic recipes that resonates with a rich culinary heritage is Chef Saji’s biggest asset. While the Moplah cuisine entices a wonderful unification of spices and heavy use of various meats, the Sadya expresses the right technique and methods. Experience his handpicked dishes from the different parts of the state, such as aromatic and heavenly biriyani to the well-tempered Kutanadu tharavu roast.

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Lunch: Daily, 12:30PM - 03:30PM | Dinner: Daily, 07:00PM - 11:00PM


34/1111, NH 47, Kochi Marriott Hotel

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전화 문의 +91 484 717 7777
전화 문의

+91 484 717 7777


34/1111, NH 47, Kochi Marriott Hotel

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